Who We Are

Hemp Development Group is comprised of like-minded entrepreneurial driven farmers and business people. We will forward the industrial hemp farming program, processing and selling the product.  In order to do that the group will have to raise awareness and develop relationships in industry maximizing profits.  We are located on 100 acres in Butler County Kansas,  with a 10,000 square foot processing faculty and 80 acres of proposed hemp acreage to be processed into crude CBD oil, seeds, and fiber through processing equipment purchased by the group.


We look forward to exponential growth of this industry, an industry where CBD comprises 98% of the market but will see fiber replacing that market share in the next 5 to 10 years.  An awareness marketing campaign with grass roots conversations with purchasing directors will be required in order to grow the industry quickly.  Although the development group will work diligently at growing awareness and defusing stigma associated with hemp, we will also provide consultation farming and processing services and connecting the buyer with the harvests.  The return on investment from the multiple value points in the process flow from seed to sale up to and including planting, harvesting, processing, manufacturing, selling of the industrial hemp.

Our Mission

To be the premier industrial “hemp hub” for farmers and business people to grow, harvest, manufacture and sell high quality industrial hemp by providing and managing the value chain and investment opportunities. To develop the industrial hemp industry to the point of a recognizable agricultural commodity. Finding, educating and supporting farmers in need of viable, renewable and sustainable crop.

Our Vision

Opening the doors of opportunity to a generation of people and a society who have been completely blinded to the benefits and properties of hemp. Hemp, a plant that due to lobbyist and politicians in the early 1930’s had been criminalized in the same category as heroin and thus completely restricting Americans from its’ prosperity for more than 75 years.  

Hemp gives us new oppertunities to create a world of more “greener” efficiencies, higher quality food and environmentally friendly materials and waste, and in turn providing jobs. We believe in our ability to make a difference in communities and stand as a nation promoting the many viable, valuable benefits of what one little ‘miracle seed’ can do for us, our families and future generations.


Development Team


Founder & CEO


Director of Farming



12273 SW 155th St.

Augusta, KS 67010


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